Oasis World is a commercial MMORPG game with the concept of a decentralized virtual world developed with the help of UE4 Unreal Engine.

Immersive experience

Close the distance between reality and virtual

Put on glasses and re-understand the world

In this "real" virtual world, players can not only continuously explore the entire open world, but also interact and socialize with friends, and can also play and earn more.

13 Legendary keys to achieve miracles

Ultra-high quality into the future

Your space is up to you

WEB and VR devices are seamlessly integrated, allowing you to travel the world anytime, anywhere.

Be your imaginary self in the Metaverse

VR, PC, WEB three-terminal intercommunication.

Play to earn


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Views Oasis

Frank CEO

Frank is a serial entrepreneur who was formerly Director of Global Business Development for game project over 15 years. Through his extensive experience in the industry, Frank has developed a great knowledge of blockchain applications and decentralized finance.

Peter CMO

He draws on a wealth of international experience having lived and worked professionally across Australia, Singapore and USA. Peter has over 15 years of experience in investment and research across multiple asset classes and geographies. Team Graduating with a bachelors’ degree in Mathematics and Computer Science from University of Washington

Amber COO

Five years of blockchain experience, worked in exchange, wallet and derivatives overseas market. Majoring in finance, she has his own understanding and extreme interest in the financial industry and crypto digital space.

Justin CTO

Blockchain/DLT/Smart Contract programming and issuance for 5+ years. In-depth knowledge of web systems architecture, design and development. Hands-on experience with complex project management

Jason CSO

? ? ? ?? .? ??. ???? ? . ? ? ? .From the world's most famous hacker group“Anonymous” . ??? ? ? ? ? ??? ? ?......???? ? ? ?.. ?? ? ????? ….. ?

Catherine CXO

As the person in charge of XR/VR/AR, she has been deeply involved in the VR field since six years ago, and has a keen sense of technology as a core technical person. She has worked in large Internet companies, and is committed to XR/VR/AR

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